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Our Approach

At SAGICO, our approach to improving spine science is through bold and meaningful collaborations. These discoveries fuel our quest to design spinal solutions through our global partnerships. Science is at the heart of what we do with the goal of positive patient outcomes. The pace of science and technology has merged and we can accomplish many great things for surgeons and patients that were once unimaginable. Our efforts are focused on developing new technologies through a comprehensive approach of education, treatment, prevention and affordable access.

If you are a surgeon with a passion for new ideas, then you have arrived at the right place. We understand the creativity and rigor it takes to transform emerging ideas into products. Our work has the potential to impact the lives of millions and it’s important that we get it right from design to implementation. At SAGICO, Surgeons will find a strong business development and licensing team that combine scientific and product development management expertise to ensure the right people are working to help your discovery reach its full potential.

Bring your ideas to our team! SAGICO has the experience of working with partners through a wide spectrum of transactions from early-stage science to product development through end stage clinical validation programs. SAGICO is willing to work with you and we offer flexibility and creativity in negotiations. Whether your innovation evolved from the operating room (OR), your own professional practice experience, academia or a biotechnology company spinoff, you will find our process to be rapid, clear and straightforward.

SAGICO believes that by working together with surgeons and medical industry thought leaders, we can play a major role in transforming spinal technology. Together, our shared commitment to developing partnerships and ideas that will improve care and access to medicine around the world is a win for all patients.


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